2019 FENASSCO Games: An der Spillplaz

The 2019 National Secondary and High School Sports, FENASSCO A is not only about sports. Other key aspects to guage the success of the games includes lodging and nutrition.

Day-2 of the competitions featured individual games like judo and athletics while the collective sports in competition were football and basketball.

The over two thousand athletes are lodged in three venues where the competitions also take place

At the Lycee Leclerc, one of the three games sites, the chefs are on the day’s meal composed of rice/fried fish sauce and fruits.

Going by Minister Nalova Lyonga, the catering service will offer a variety of dishes.

One of the cooks engaged to meet up with the day’s programme confirm there is much to eat even within intervals

The meal is light with fruits compulsory depending on the time of the day.

A large quantity of fish was already in place while spices are in place for the sauce.

In the meantime, the rice has been boiled enough quantity to avoid shortage.

This is the same scenario in other kitchens at the FENASSCO sites. In the early hours of the day, the
young athletes are given breakfast composed of bread, boiled/fried eggs, spaghetti, tea, milk and fruits.

At dinner, oranges, water melon and pineapples are the main fruits served.

Athletes with huge appetite complaint of the small quantity of food served.

To them the day’s exercises need enough food to replenish the energy lost.

Benly Anchunda

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